web developer making dumb stuff on the internet (with the occasional™ actually useful project)




A 'news' site for Microsoft related products with content written by people interested in the development of Microsoft projects. The server was written with Node.js and Express.

Skills involved in building the site included:

  • Working with databases with SQLite
  • Creating a REST API for communication with a native Windows app
  • Creating a dynamic RSS feed
  • Working with a design created in Figma by a separate designer

(note - I am not responsible for any of the content posted on the website nor the site's front-end design. front-end design was done by Zeealeid, and the content posted on the site is authored by others.)


Codebase with which Discord bots can be created with ease. Was created to use a currently out-of-date version of the discord.js npm package, so some features may not be fully functional.

basebiscuitv2 facilitated many features made available by the discord.js npm package and Discord API, such as command registration and translation of text displayed to the user. The full documentation can be found here.


Simple site created for a friend, making use of Github pages.
Involved creating a blog-esque system that was completely static.